In order to keep up with international competition, Chinese companies must participate in overseas markets with their own products and can not, as many Chinese companies did before only be the “workbench” for the rest of the world. Now Chinese companies are looking for partners overseas, buy shares, take over existing companies or start their own operations overseas. Chinese companies are participating as equal players worldwide.

Foreign investment from China overseas opens many opportunities not only for Chinese companies but also for companies that may cooperate with Chinese companies. EG. Investment by Chinese companies, opening up of mutual sales channels, markets, mutual use of production facilities etc.

A key to a successful engagement that works out long term and in a sustainable profitable way is a good understanding of the new investment location and the potential partner.

We help Chinese investors to provide the transparency of suitable partners or investment locations as a good base for decision making. We can offer to lead the way for the entire process.

In cooperation with German lawyers and tax consultants, we are providing full support for company establishment and related consultation services.

  • Market analysis
  • Business planning and development
  • Tax planning
  • Logistics support
  • Legal support
  • Administrative support
  • Secretarial services
  • Personnel services
  • Executive and personnel search

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